Tuesday, February 9, 2010

an introduction, of sorts.

hi, kids. my name is hannah.i am a small girl with brown hair and greenish eyes.

here's ten things about me.
1. james morrison and i are getting married.
2. my favorite colors are yellow and bright blue.
3. i wish i lived through the 50's.
4. i am a horrible singer.
5. i love mail.
6. i wish i could teleport myself wherever i wanted.
7. i always forget what i'm going to say.
8. matisse is my favorite artist.
9. two words: food network.
10. two more words: audrey hepburn. cliche, but true.

here's ten things i like.
1. lists.
2. old blue refrigerators.
3. postcards.
4. watercolors.
5. blankets.
6. twinkly lights.
7. bridges.
8. sunflowers.
9. keri smith books.
10. sprinkles.

and just for good measure, here's ten things about mallory.
1. she only eats the red candies.
2. she has red hair.
3. she sings like a mad woman. literally. baha.
4. she likes cupcakes.
5. she wears her old dance class jazz shoes.
6. she loves regina specktor.
7. she owns a diana f+. (jealous?)
8. she likes old people.
9. she loves joseph-gordon leavitt, like all sane women.
10. she likes fall. autumn. whatever.

that is all for now. i'll be seeing you.

By: Hannah

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