Sunday, September 19, 2010

connect and reconnect. (a sunday smile four).

my little shelbie.
she is actually standing inside the window of the school. 
although it looks awesomely like she's in a polaroid.


our little mallory makes us tortilla chips somtimes.
it's brilliant.

morgan at the craft fair.

THE pizza. the vegan dough stuffed with cheese sticks, 
topped with tomatoes, mushrooms and zucchini pizza.

this weekend has been beautiful. nay, this week has been beautiful.
from monday, when that boy i have a friend-crush on told me he liked my sweater,
to taco tuesday with kels and shelbie.
from wednesday, with the surprise pizza lunch with the absolute best people i'm privledged to know,
to thursday, when i became an accomplice.
from friday, with mallory's homemade tortilla chips, a chocolate fountain, and two surprise parties,
to saturday, choc full of girlfriends and good food.
and the beautiful week ended with a beautiful church meeting, where i was privileged enough to speak, along with a wonderful leaving missionary. a boy who i've looked up to since day one. 
i smiled so much more this week than i think i have in previous ones. 
oh, but it was not a perfect week. there was definitely small annoyances. wet feet. shyness. the cluelessness of a best friend.
despite this, it was inexplicably wonderful. how? i'm convinced it was because of the people.
i solidified new friendships this week. i also reconnected with old friends. i conversed with new people. i listened as people spoke. and i spoke in front of people. 
and i think mostly, i felt loved. a part of something.

there is a turning point in a friendship when a friend changes from someone who simply sympathizes with your excess of math homework and lack of sleep, to someone who says, "it should have been on six six six oh six at six!"
when they change from the girl who asks if you have a chip to spare to the girl who makes you double over in laughter.
when the boy who said annoying things behind your back in sophomore english turns into the boy you're able to sing teenage dream with at the top of your lungs.

and there's also those moments in life, when you realize just why you're friends with someone.
when cooking with one of your oldest friends reminds you of when you two used to cook dinner for your families in the sixth grade. 
when you realize your fake arguments with your best friend are the reason you love her.
when you see the boy you've always admired for his unicycle skills prepare to spend two years in japan.

when does the transition between acquaintance and best friend happen?
at the moment an inside joke is born?
the moment you share something only a friend would know?
the moment you wait for them to catch up to you in the halls?

why does it take so long to really get it? to understand the greatness of each and every person you know?

it shouldn't take so long. so today i issue you a challenge. a two-part challenge. to connect, and to reconnect. this is open to interpretation.
you can choose to make the transition between acquaintance and friendship. or you can choose to meet someone new.
you can choose to spend time with an old friend. or simply think of why you love them.
but the most important thing is to recognize the wonderful network of people you're a part of. there is a complicated web of relationships in this world. and i think that each and every person that you know personally can teach you a lesson.
look for the lesson, and the opportunity. it's there.

by: hannah

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  1. i miss yearbook window photos. the one of shilb is fantastic, might i add.


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