Sunday, September 5, 2010

one year ago. (a sunday smile three).

one year ago, i found out that my parents were getting divorced.
one year ago was when everything started changing.
it was hard. really hard. but i digress. the gritty details of my junior year are not important.
what i want to talk about is how amazing my friends were at that time.
one year ago, the sbo's passed out ballots for the homecoming royalty during my drawing class.
i scanned the names to see who was on there.
and guess what i saw?
my name.
right under the title of 'nominees for homecoming princess'.
needless to say i was shocked. and flattered.
these friends of mine had apparently all written my name in on nominations. i was one of six girls nominated.
i did not win, but that is not important.
my point is, that i'm lucky to have friends that went out of their way to make me feel like a princess even when my world was crashing down.
although i pretended that i thought they were dumb, i really did feel special.
and it was something really positive that happened to me in a really negative week.
this brings us to a sunday smile challenge #3.
i'm sure you know several people who have gone through significant challenges in their lives.
& i'm sure you have, too.
sometimes when something of unfortunate circumstance befalls you, you are constantly comforted for about a week after people find out.
but after that, people tend not to talk to you about it anymore.
even though a challenge has been present in a person's life for an extended period of time, doesn't mean that they don't struggle with it constantly.
everybody can use encouragement and love, at any time.
so i'd like for you & i to complete what i like to call 'the princess challenge' this week.
pick somebody who you have known for a while. who has been through something hard, or is going through something hard. someone who you admire because of their strength.
write them a letter. write in this letter all the reasons you think they are a princess. tell them why they are beautiful. tell them why you admire them. tell them of the lessons they've taught you.
sign the letter with your prettiest signature and give it to the person before next sunday.
not only will this help make the person feel loved, i promise you will feel wonderful about it.
okay? break.

p.s. anybody have any cool experiences with saying hi to people and making new friends?
i made a new friend by being willing to say hi and make small talk. and he is quite awesome. because i have found out that he is a genius at computer things. so, i plan to recruit him to make me a slideshow for a seminary assembly.
because i certainly don't know how.
new friends are handy.
i also have met several people this week who have ended up being readers of this blog. that is cool, is it not?
if you are a friend of ours and you read this, but we are unaware, please tell us :)
if we are not yet friends and you read this, please introduce yourself to me or mallory. we would get along. because you obviously have good taste.
if you are not stuck in high school and therefore do not have the chance to know us at all, please email us at we would really like to get to know you.
if you only read this blog because of mallory, i sincerely apologize. i know i post too much. just tell her to write something so i don't feel like a greedy little blog hogger.

thank you, all. have a fabulous day. you are beautiful!!



  1. Hello Mallory and Hannah!

    My name is Mallory. and my best friend is Sarah Shill. (and im from alaska). And so I found your guys's blog from looking at the blogs she follows!

    I love this blog. You guys always have something interesting to write about, and it always gives me something to think, or laugh, or smile about.

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know who I was...and that your blog is amazing! Don't stop writing.


    PS...we also have the same name, which is awesome.

  2. Hey! my cousin is sarah shill, mallory-from-up-north! anyway,
    hannah, you are fantastic, and i am so glad that we are friends. your letter that you wrote me made me laugh and made me feel awesome inside.
    stay cool, all of you.

    or shelbie.


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