Wednesday, September 29, 2010

magic details.


photo by hannah.

if you want to feel alive,
then learn to love your ground.

mumford & sons

why i love my ground:
the flowers.
 patterns the water droplets create.
the sound of other's smiles.
gold flecks in people's eyes.
art i feel, but don't understand. 
the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh.
how eating vegetables makes me feel.
pointless stories.
wish jars. 
blown-out candles.
learning to tolerate the static.
shy smiles from across a room.
the last of the sunflowers.
cardstock paper.
when i find that my sticky notes have been  
moved by someone to a more apparent place.
van gogh, mary cassat, and matisse coloring books.
shelbie's grandmother's green clip on earrings.
looking in the mirror and realizing i'm me.
lyrics that resonate.
rolling down my window and listening to my tires go over gravel or puddles.
when jack says my name, and i say what, and then he doesn't say anything.
7 page texts from laura.
when my mom cracks me up.
developed film.

why do you love your ground?


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  1. i love mumford and sons and i love your list! so inspiring. and marry cassat coloring books? where!?!


you look really good today!