Monday, September 13, 2010

train of thoughts.

if you know any places i can find these clothing items, tell me.
i desperately want them. or just buy them for me. since my birthday's soon.
in other news,

mallory needs to blog.
in other news,

thanks to the person who stuck a yellow sticky note on the seminary mirror that said, 'you are special.' it made my day.

do you have any ideas for a sunday smile?
i didn't post one this week. cause i suck. if you have good ideas, let me know.

there is this frozen yogurt joint slash night club called pink berry (i think) in salt lake city. 
'tis the best thing i've ever experienced. 
if you love frozen yogurt, loud music, people watching, and hot german men with scruff, definitely go there.
it's so much better than homecoming. i promise you.

 today's playlist:
tinfoil hats--rocky votolato
flicks--frou frou
serpentine--chris bathgate
concrete heart--great lake swimmers
someday the waves--iron & wine
duet for guitars--m. ward

sometimes i have crushes on forbidden men.
except, have you seen paper hearts?
it's a brilliant movie. until you find out its a mockumentary. the point is, no one is forbidden unless they are married.
men with girlfriends are fair game.
okay. i don't really believe that. but i still have a crush on forbidden man.
let me leave you with this:

"if you believe in peace, act peacefully; if you believe in love, act lovingly; if you believe every which way then act every which way, that's perfectly valid- but don't go trying to sell your beliefs to the system. you end up contradicting what you profess to believe in, and you set a bum example. if you want to change the world, change yourself."

love, hannah.


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  2. I have crushes on two forbidden men.

  3. juicy berry. I believe. but it's still great nonetheless.
    oh boy oh boy, what a night.
    also...forbidden love. YES. I love you and your forbidden loves :)

    p.s. opa to your post.
    it goes down as one of my favorites. :)

    p.s.s. I dream of German men now. I NEVER want to wake up again!!

    that's all.
    I'm working on sending those pics.

  4. definitely considering the frozen yogurt date in the place of homecoming.

  5. well hey. I just watched Paper Heart, three times this week. Absolutely love the film. xoxo.

  6. all of the clothes that you desire are on the following website... yes including the 50's swimsuit:

    it is an amazing site to say the least


you look really good today!