Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i noticed this about humanity.

when we lose somebody,
we try to find someone else to take their place.

more often than not, this new person is nothing like the first one.
they are their own unique and special, but we don't see it.
we want what we lost.
we still manage to tie the same strings to them,
when they deserve their own strings.

we somehow manage to transfer all the love and emotion tied to the first person to the second,
because the second is here,
and it fills the hole.

well, i noticed that when the first returns,
we realize that the second was really nothing like the first at all.
and maybe they deserve love and emotion,
but you don't feel it for them any longer.

because they couldn't fill that hole exactly.
they weren't the same shape.

the first person looks like your heart.
and the replacement probably looks like something else lovely,
like music or a cup of cider.
but they don't look like your heart,
and that's what matters.

the hole got filled again.
and you are filled again.
and your love feels big again.
you feel like you again.

perhaps, beneath your iron fist and velvet glove,
there's really only tangled heartstrings.

all you know is that it feels good to be listened to,
and understood
in facial expressions
and in silence.

i noticed that about humanity.
or maybe it's just me.



  1. Hannah. You're such a beautiful writer. I love reading everything you write.

  2. This is really brilliant, Hannah.

    I could/would/probably will quote you one day.


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