Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tour de france II

and now, another special treat. coming straight to you from normandy...

this is the city of caen, where we went to church.
i met several missionaries, they were cute.
one of them happened to be miss elizabeth smart.
she is an incredible woman.
this is the cathedral there.
there was also a huge farmer's market,
i bought several crepes.
they are cheap on the street.
un crepe de la confiture s'il vous plait...

next, we travel to the d-day beaches.
these places are beautiful,
and they are also sacred.
i admire the fidelity and courage of the young men who fought so many years ago.

the cemetary is like being on u.s. soil.
it is a beautiful place, and pays the highest tribute, i think.

this is our little city of bayeux.
home of the tapestry.
it's very, very cute. the market makes me happy,
and the baguettes every morning.
that is mon cousin michael,
we adventured into random bunkers in fields
and other things in paris.

now this, my friends, is mont st. michel.
it's rather grandoise,
and much more appealing from the outside than in.

it wasn't my favorite,
and that's because all it is is a tourist trap.
there is nothing real about it anymore,
and that breaks my heart.
there are so many other things in france that exist with such integrity.
i feel like most of france doesn't try. at all.
it's just like, bonjour, je sais que je suis beau, pas un probleme...
people just come to france because it's the way it is.
so it's annoying when things try so hard to lure in tourists.
because there's a thousand other places that are whole and beautiful and honest.

 another note,
we drove around in tiny little cars everyday, and had to listen to the radio.
and all there is on the radio is american music.
bruno mars? lady gaga? avril lavigne?
i heard way more of them in france than i do in utah.
it was so funny to me, but also quite disappointing, as i hoped to be exposed to more french music.
even the street performers play classic english songs.
like the beatles or elvis.
the main french song you'd hear on the street is la vie en rose.
which i love an immense amount.
i bought a cd of one hundred retro french songs.
think of the equivalent of frank and ella in french.
yeah, it's awesome.

i think i'll leave it at that for today.
and we still haven't even gone to paris...
geez guys.
this is going to take a lot of posts.
til then, any feedback? what do you want to hear about the most?


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