Sunday, June 26, 2011

the in-between.

(from a rowboat at versailles)

does anyone else feel like this?
like we're stuck in between what we've known and something new?
i'm between high school and adulthood,
i'm between one family and another,
i'm between a job and a different job,
i'm between having friends and losing them,
i'm between daydreams and reality,
i'm between teenagers and returned missionaries,
and i'm between younger and young.

it's a funny feeling.
this summer is like a little boat, traveling between two pieces of land.
i have to stay on until i can step across,
but i've never been in a place like this before and i know i won't stay long.
it bobs around a little bit,
trying to balance me, the old, and the new.
there's only so much luggage i can fit with me on this little boat.
i can't decide if i like it, either.
i can see both sides, but  neither are fully mine.
it's odd to see yourself gain and lose simultaneously.
and to know that you'll be losing some of the dearest things you've ever had.
but that you'll be gaining things that maybe you never dreamed of.
i don't want to step off, because i don't know if i'm ready.
but i'm as ready as i'll ever get.
and i'm interested to see what's on the other side.

land, ho.



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