Saturday, June 11, 2011

what's up my sleeve.

exciting things,
i tell you.
several exciting ideas, all of which involve packages and strangers.
firstly, we are going to start small.
here's the plan:
we put together a group of senders.
and we senders will send a certain thing every month (a postcard, a favorite poem, a photo, a cd) to another sender.
it will be different each month,
and we will all receive something if we mailed something.
and we can all share our little glimpses of joy. and get to know each other.
it will be very fun.
very fun, 
i tell you.

this first month,
we are going to start with a cd of your favorite summer tunes.
since this is the first time,
we are going to only send to one receiver. and you will receive one in turn.

email me--at
  • name
  • address
  • this statement: "i, ______, swear on the goodness of snowcones and the beauty of sunshine and the legacy of (your favorite legendary figure) that i will absolutely no questions asked send my letter to the recipient i am assigned to. if i fail to do this, i understand that bad karma will forever haunt me, bringing upon me melted snowcones and lightning & thunder and a life without (said legendary figure)."
 the deadline to email me your info will be next saturday, JUNE 18th, 2011.
on sunday i will email you the address and name of the person you will be sending your cd to.
i will also give you further instructions.
deal, yo?
i'm a lot bit excited.

sincerely, hannah

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