Monday, November 21, 2011


"the arts let us find not just the beauty in our surroundings, but in ourselves.
they not only define, but they refine."

i heard these words spoken at a musical performance several months ago and i've had them saved in a draft since. they really struck me.

we all know by now that "beauty" is ever my muse and my reason.
i look for it in every detail and i find it. it inspires me and builds my faith and hope and joy.
and this is another reason why i am studying the history of art.
not only is this tendency healthy to the way i view the world and others but it's healthy to the way i view myself.
because when my eyes (but more importantly my heart) are trained to notice and love imperfection, i can allow myself to be imperfect and find joy in that fact.

i leave a messy trail behind me. i fail sometimes. i can't find the right words. i'm not the most fit or skinny girl in the world, by far.
oh, but at the end of the day, i find that i like messes anyway. failure teaches me to win. i can't speak, so i listen. and my heart covers far more ground than i could with my running shoes.

and everyone deserves to see the beauty in their flaws. think about the people you love most. you love their flaws, too, don't you? so why don't you feel that way about yourself?

i think you're much more beautiful than the face on that magazine. and that i can guarantee.

just something to think about.

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  1. "my heart covers far more ground than i could with my running shoes"

    i wrote it down.
    i love this.


you look really good today!