Monday, November 28, 2011

kind over matter.

good news, friends.
a sunday smile
is back in business.
after spending several hours watching a cheesy hallmark movie last weekend i felt that i was lacking in the service area. i subsequently stayed up until 3 am searching for "kindness" on the internet and boy oh boy did i find it. i've got a whole board of it on pinterest now. so needless to say i feel good about the whole thing and i need to start it up again--it was good to share it on the blog, because it made sure i was doing worthwhile things.
but, for my sanity's sake, it's not going to be "a sunday smile" anymore.
because sometimes i just can't think of anything kind to do by sunday that's worth blogging about.
if you haven't been a longtime reader or seen the past sunday smile posts, i'll fill you in. you can follow the above link to find my first post. too lazy to find all of them and link 'em up. but the gist is that i tried to do something kind to make someone smile by each sunday. sunday smile was mostly dominated by sticky notes inspired by operation beautiful.
well this time around i'm calling it kind over matter, which is a name partially stolen from this blog here. but also because when it comes to going out of your way to be kind, there are many distractions and bigger priorities. it's hard to find the time. so i'm challenging myself (and you) to forget myself for just an hour or so whenever i can and be kind, regardless of all the "matter" going on in my life.
oh so that's that. it probably won't happen every week, but i'll be trying my darn hardest.
first order of business?
get back to sticky-noting!!
last year when i began to write encouraging sticky notes and leave them in school bathrooms, i saw the impact of it big time. i know a lot of you started doing it as well, and i can promise you that it made a world of difference to some of the girls who saw them. i know that firsthand.
and why did i ever stop doing something that made other people smile, let alone the fact that it made me feel wonderful? who knows. life stopped me. and that's no excuse.
so we're getting back to that. grab your pad of sticky notes and your pilot g2 pen, 'cause we're about to cover the world with kindness. public bathrooms? duh. desks at school? yup. random people's doors? you bet. hardcore sticky-noting going down in heritage halls, friends. join me.
to officially join the kindness brigade leave a comment saying you promise. and continue to comment and let me know what kind of wonderful nice things you've thought of to do for others. i'm sure i'll need ideas.
and just for some added inspiration here's a nice little graphic i've made for you.

have a great day. sticky note it up. & take pictures and email them--maybe i'll post about you. wink wink.

love you.

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