Sunday, August 22, 2010

a sunday smile.

when i was fourteen, i was a stake ycl for girls camp. i was only a small ninth grader, and all of the other girls were juniors or seniors.
i felt insignificant.
our stake camp director’s name was rosemary. she is, to this day, one of my role models. although I never got real close with her and i haven’t seen her since, she left an impression on me.
the theme for camp was “because nice matters”.
as the girl’s camp council, we met every week or so for several months. rosemary wanted to make sure that each of us got the real meaning of the camp theme. so each time we saw her, she would give us small challenges to complete during the week. these challenges were supposed to result in making someone else feel good.
we were supposed to smile and say hi to people we didn’t know in the hallway. we were supposed to help a stranger with a task. we were supposed to give compliments.
the next time we met, everyone would share good experiences they had resulting from the challenges.
i, unfortunately, failed at this. still an insecure junior high kid, i never went out of my way to complete the challenges. i regret that.
so, two and a half years later, i’m going to fulfill what i was asked to do. it’s been long overdue.
a sunday smile: my new project. (p.s. bonus points if you get the reference.) each sunday i will make a goal to complete in the next week that will make somebody smile.
i will post these goals here, on the lovely blog, so you, too, can join in!
i promise you won’t regret it if you try… but you will if you don’t! ha…
anyway. the challenge for this week?
operation beautiful.
the gist of it is, write encouraging notes on sticky notes, and put them up in public bathrooms, women's locker rooms, etc.
i think it's important to remind the female population how beautiful they really are. (especially on the up-coming first day of school... when everyone will be worrying about how they look!)
i'll be putting some notes up when school starts this week. i certainly hope it will make someone smile. i encourage you to do the same!

by: hannah


  1. I found one in the library! Seriously, it made my day. thanks! I AM a star :D

  2. oh, i am so happy! thanks for telling us!


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