Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes, great things happen to me.

Today, I was driving home from the grocery store, peacefully observing pedestrians and such, when I saw him. He was standing on the corner of the stoplight, legs on either side of his phenomenal red 1950's bicycle.
The windows of my mini-van (Yes. I drive a mini-van. And yes, I love it.) were rolled down, and it just so happened that Cyndi Laupers ever-so-classic hit, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," was blasting itself to every ear within 1 mile of where I was. I eased up to the red light, turned my head to the right, and through my yellow sunglasses, observed him, there on the corner, observing me.
With his aviator sunglasses, and his tan fadora, and those two-toned suspenders, I loved him so much.
After a few seconds, he gave me the most attractive half-smile I have ever seen.
Real men don't smile. They half-smile. Because the half-smile has a 97% success rate when it comes to getting women to fall in love with them.
Then, he began to do a jig in a mocking manner to the song presenting itself to him.
And we both laughed, for there was much humor in the situation.
He removed his sunglasses just as the light turned green.
Then he looked at me, with his piercing eyes, and gave me a wink, and I gave him a closed-mouth smile, and that was our way of saying goodbye, I suppose.
I never said a word to him, nor him to me.
And even though I will most likely never see this man again, it was a lovely 30 second encounter.

I hope I marry a man with a fadora and a 1950's bicycle.

By: Mallory


  1. Just want to say that I enjoyed reading this post. So reminds me of a few encounters I had before I married : ) Love your writing style.

  2. It definitely sounds like a divine encounter. Pray about this man.

  3. What?? Why was I not with you. Hmm...


you look really good today!