Monday, August 16, 2010

actually, it's miss chanandler bong...

fact: friends is my favorite show.
i watch at least two episodes every night. there are four episodes a day on kjazz. i record them all. hence, my collection of episodes keeps growing.
you know that episode where chandler & joey challenge monica & rachel to a game to see who knows each other best? and ross acts all stupid as usual and is the gameshow host? it's arguably my favorite episode.
two of my friends & i decided to play our own little version of this game. we had to answer questions about each other like, 'who are their two favorite actors'? (which was impossible.) and 'what kind of flower would they be?' (parker was a tulip? heavens.) and 'what would they name their first two boy and girl children?' (morgan's were difficult. i knocked parker's p.j. and jitasha out of the park.)
but guess what. i won.
and i'm proud. that's all.
too bad we didn't bet our apartments for it.
p.s. if you were a friend, which would you be?
i would be pheobe. although my abilities to live on the street and mug ross are debatable, i think i could succeed at writing songs like smelly cat.

By: Hannah


  1. I'd be Monica. She's the funniest! I love this show, too. Definitely my favorite.

  2. I'd be Chandler...cuz "Bing" is just too much fun to say! I know I know...I have problems.


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