Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Grief.

I seem to lose sight of everything that is real.

I forget reality for days at a time.

Is this bad?
Do not respond to that, for the answer is quite obvious.

I have this lingering feeling that one of these days it will all come crashing down. And the wrath of reality will swiftly bop me on the head and politely inform me that my days are numbered, and my opportunities are limited.
And I'll be excruciatingly shattered. And as I mourn my losses (and despairingly ponder upon mental promises I had previously made to myself and broken) I will sulk in my regrets and stumble into a state of misery. Where I will sit forever, wishing I would have lived in reality.

I don't mean to not live in reality.

It's just that, well, sometimes I simply forget to live in reality...
This is entirely an accident.

But sometimes, when I finally come to the realization that I'm not in reality,
I simply forget to go back...
This is entirely on purpose.

I guess all of the misery I may suffer later from this is self-inflicted.
And I'll simply have to get over it.

By: Mallory

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