Monday, August 9, 2010

if suddenly you have an influx of time and dollars... and want to have an influx of pounds...

you could live like i did this week.
1. eat out at zupas.
2. eat out at rubio's.
3. eat breakfast that your young women's leader made you for mutual.
4. eat out at pizza pie cafe.
5. eat out at china isle.
6. eat out at pho noodle house.
7. eat steak that your dad made.
8. die obese.
i tried to draw everything i ate this week in my writing book, aka 'journal' to civilians, until i realized how unhealthy i was being. so i stopped. and it looks like this:

i will soon die of a heart attack. don't worry about me.

By: Hannah

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you look really good today!