Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Have you ever experienced a perfect silence?

You know, that indescribable silence?

Where you don't have to say anything to be in perfect harmony with another person.
All you simply have to do is just be.
And there is nothing but peace between two hearts as they peacefully communicate with no words.

It can only be experienced between certain hearts. But everyone can experience it. Just not with everyone else.
No one can feel it with everyone.
It takes something special; something different.
It takes vulnerability.

I have a theory that you can only feel Perfect Silence around the people who make you feel the most comfortable with yourself. You know? Like you don't need to be anybody but you. Because you are enough.

It's a nice feeling. Being enough, I mean.

It's nice to know you are needed. And no one even had to tell you. You just sit there, silently, and know that you mean something to someone else.

I honestly can't think of something I enjoy more than the perfect silence.

By: Mallory

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