Thursday, August 12, 2010

a dent.

"he's smart, athletic, he's got everything. a well rounded kid. except he's got a dent in his social life."
dear anonymous,
i have a confession.
i find your flaws positively endearing.
i don't like you for the reasons other people do. you're nice, and funny, and not too bad lookin. but i don't really care.
i like you because you're an idiot.
it's not an insult.
i wouldn't be your friend if you weren't scrawny.
i also wouldn't be your friend if you weren't able to cheer me up with your stupid jokes.
it's a love/hate relationship.
that's why it works.
i trust you to always say stupid things. i trust that you'll take my jokes. i trust that you'll try to come up with good combacks, and i trust that you'll always fail.
i'm not laughing with you.
i'm laughing at you. except if it's about people's awkward kisses. then we're laughing together. until you start giggling. that ruins it. every time.
but that's love.
i'm not being sarcastic at all right now.
totally, completely honest. you might as well be reading my diary.
some people may wonder why we are friends. it's a simple equation.
hate+a tiny bit of like+realistic sarcasm+secret love+i would die if you died+i'd probably be the one to kill you=our relationship.
love, hannah.
p.s. the quote above isn't about you. sorry.

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  1. haha. ha. that boy. i hate him. he will read this, and then he will know for sure that you will kill him. but nevermind, because then he won't marry you...and everything will be ruined. all our polygamist plans for the future...gone. thrown right out the window. no, he will never see this.


you look really good today!