Sunday, August 29, 2010

a sunday smile, two.

on thursday night, i remembered that i had not yet put my sunday smile plan into action.
so i went to wal-mart and bought a lovely pad of blue sticky notes.
the next day i proceeded to (hopefully) brighten people's day.
i stuck one on the full length mirror in the girl's bathroom. the stinky bathroom kind of by the financial office.
i sneakily put it on the mirror, hoping that no one would notice.
then i had to check myself out, because, well, that's what you do when you see a mirror and you're just standing there.
and then those little thoughts came into my head, like, do i look okay? 
or more specifically to me, outfitted in a tea length skirt inspired by the forties,
do i look like a polygamist?
and then i read the note. and remembered.
i look really good today.
and i smiled.
and went on my way.

so, week one of a sunday smile?
i choose to have faith in the few of you that have read this post and the last one, and therefore i am going to issue a new challenge for the upcoming week.
you know when you're walking down the hall at school and you pass someone that you know the name of, but you can't decide whether or not to say hi because you don't think they know you?
or you're at the grocery store, and you see a neighbor or teacher or acquaintance and you avoid them by either a. quickly turning into the nearest aisle or b. pretending to be intently studying the cans of tomato sauce?
or awkwardly sitting in a deserted room with that one person you don't know very well?
well, this week, when these potentially awkward situations befall us, i challenge us to say hello to that person in the hall. i will bet that it's highly likely they know who we are, too.
i challenge us to wave to the acquaintance.
i challenge us to make small talk with the person we don't know very well.
this is a practice that i struggle with, but the times i have followed through have taught me that there's really nothing to lose.
it will either make things less awkward, or equally as awkward as they were in silence.
wish me luck with my hello-giving week.

p.s. if you've followed through with a challenge, please comment and tell me how it went!

by: hannah


  1. I stumbled across your blog and just want to say thank you. You gals are what every lady should strive to be. Thank you for going out of your way to be so caring and showing everyone your kindness. I wish there were more of you in the world. :)

  2. This is super cutie :) Following through always feels pretty amazing.

  3. I think you are amazing.
    Also, I took your challenge. It felt great.

  4. Hey, this is Addy Baird. I go to AF and know who both of you are. I know that sounds like a major creeper, but I am inspired by both of you and find you both fabulous and wonderful.
    Hannah - I wore bright red lipstick today and I am convinced that it was magical and made my entire day amazing.

  5. Also, I discovered a nice little note on the bathroom mirror that made my day...

  6. to all of you-- thank you. you are great humans.
    addy-- bright red lipstick makes every day better. i think it can be scientifically proven. and it does really up your chances with men. haha...
    i think you introduced yourself to me at school today?


you look really good today!