Friday, August 27, 2010

i found waldo.

on a bright and sunny day in san francisco, a brown-haired girl named hannah entered the san francisco museum of modern art.
she stared at the massive calder mobile.
she ogled the two jackson pollocks.
she fell in love with the colored pencil drawings made by school boys in africa.
she resisted the temptation to sit in one of the amazing chairs on the pedestal which she christened, 'pedestal of the unsittable but artistic wooden chairs'.
she got slightly bored by all the black and white photos.
she exited an elevator and found herself in a dreamland of calder's works.
she walked through an airy room with huge colored canvases.
and when she was done, she turned to walk down a ramp and return to the ground floor.
she looked to her right, out of the window. she turned away. something in her brain pricked. she looked again, a huge smile on her face, in disbelief.
she had found waldo.
he stands behind electrical boxes on the roof of a building next to the sfmoma.
it was a secret treasure of a moment.
how often does something so delightful and unexpected happen?
hannah should win an award for number one finder of waldo.

by: hannah.

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