Thursday, August 19, 2010

on the virtues of lipstick.

i like to wear lipstick. it's kind of my thing.
i don't remember the first day i decided to wear lipstick to school, nor do i remember why i decided to keep doing it, but i thank my lucky stars for whatever came over me.
because lipstick, you see, has many benefits:
1. you will stand out.
2. people will listen to you when you talk.
3. boys will beg you to kiss them.
4. (you can refuse.)
5. you may look pretentious, but you will be stylishly pretentious, nonetheless.
6. you will:
a. scare those who are younger than you.
b. be envied by those younger than you.
c. scare adults.
d. be envied by adults.
e. be told, "you are so vintage" by young womens leaders, or,
f. be laughed at by adults, in front of or behind your back. (i've just realized that being in front of a back and behind it is essentially the same thing.)
as you can see, it is a win/win situation.
i suggest revlon.
although the 97 cent NYC brand at walmart is a good buy. i tend to buy one every time i go.
is fifteen different colors too many?
i think it's just perfect.. except it can present some tricky situations when deciding which shade to spring upon the sophmores on the first day of school.
smooch or in vogue?

By: Hannah

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