Sunday, August 1, 2010

i have a secret crush.

on brad from the next food network star.
dear brad, 
i'm sorry you got eliminated.
i thought for sure you'd go to new york. but alas, all is well. i predict that you will return to the land of food television. too many people love you for it not to happen.
if adam gertler is on tv, i would not worry about you.
he's kinda creepy. 
you're just adorable.
come cook dinner for me anytime.
but only if you're wearing the hat.
love, hannah.


  1. Oh Hannah I was sad to see him go!! This is my first go at your blog. Great news. I LOVE IT!!! Well as for food network star (it is my love) I want Arti to win it. She is so cute!!!

  2. p.s. This is Jessica. tee hee.

  3. thanks jess! he was a cutie. i think aarti will win too! she's good. and real cute.


you look really good today!