Saturday, July 31, 2010

a petition to the universe

whenever i see a shooting star, i wish for a balloon.
my wish would never ever come true.
i was reminded by someone that sometimes you have to make your own wishes come true. so i went to the dollar store and got my very own purple star-shaped balloon. and i took whitney along and she got a blue one. then we decided to write the universe a letter comprised of our wishes and deep dark secrets and send them up to space.
mine went like this:
dear universe, 
thanks for the balloon. i have some petitions for you. first, i would really appreciate it if a cute boy would give me a sunflower. also i would really like some awesome vintage clothes for my return to school.
please help my social life. plus i would like to make some more new friends. oh, and if blank and blankety blank could stop liking each other, my life would be easier.
if you had a hand in getting me my car, thanks.
help blanketyblankblank not to be creepy.
i could also use a fish taco or two...
thanks for answering my wishes. love, H.
p.s. a scholarship would be nice.

i will refrain from making my 'deep dark secrets' public.
we also put our phone numbers on these balloons just in case our soul mates found them and called us up.

and away they flew! it was a lovely day. i swung on my favorite swing. we ate ice cream and played mad gab. and i beat parker's trash at that game. he sucks.

i think this picture is sufficiently awkward.

but there is a twist in the plot.
my wish came true again! i went to robert's today and they gave us balloons.
so i ask you, why is it that for the months and months of wishing for a balloon, i never got one, but as soon as i made it happen for myself the universe decided to give me another?
is this is a lesson?
probably not.
moral of the story: balloons make people happy. so do swings.

By: Hannah

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you look really good today!