Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i have the strangest dreams. all the time.
apparently it's genetic? my dad and i fall into r.e.m. sleep extremely quickly?
but really. i close my eyes for two seconds, then i open them and find myself thinking about a goat...
which happened to me while i was working on friday.
i don't know how these dreams come to me. over-active imagination?
i had a dream that me, whitney and kyle were on trek. except instead of tents, we packed a massive trampoline. so we layed on it and looked at some stars, and, as usual, we couldn't find the little dipper.
i had a dream the school messed up my schedule. i was stuck with trumpet class (i told the lady i didn't know how to play the trumpet, and she said, learn.) and of all things, bootie class, (which, apparently, is the class where you try on thousands of pairs of jeans. i wanted desperately to transfer out of it. the lady said, no, i don't know how you got in here, because only the girls with the great butts get to try on these jeans, but it's a real honor so you have to stay. plus all the boys will like you. i said, i'm not interested in boys who would like me because i'm a member of bootie class.) oh, also, the bathroom stalls at this school were made out of petticoats.
i had a dream that cat cora (yes, the iron chef, cat cora..) was my p.e. teacher.
i had a dream that consisted only of parker and i eating bacon in his truck.
i had a dream that i saw a boy i know at the supermarket, with a crazy girl, and they were engaged, and then started kissing in front of me. right in the frozens section. whitney was with me. we were grossed. and cold.
then i had a dream where ari explained previous dream.
can anyone tell me what these mean?

By: Hannah

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