Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh, Please...

Dear friend,

I'm nearing the end.
Does that frighten you?
I doubt it. Seeing as you only seem to care about yourself as of late, there is not one thing I could do or say to make you worried about anyone but you.
I wish you would come back.
I've never admitted anything like that to you before. But I wish you were here.
I suppose you are still close by. But not close enough. It brings me to almost tears (for we both know tears hardly exist in my body) to think about you. I miss you.
There. I said it. I miss you. Are you happy? Will you come back now?
You've always been my best friend. You've been that person who was there since day one. Literally.
Remember when we were small? And we thought we were giants?
Remember when we would fight, and then not say a word of apology? We somehow always just got over it, without a word, because we knew that we'd have to be around each other for a while. Well. Forever.
I'm sorry for ever letting you down. I ever so obviously have let you down in the worst of ways, and you are too self righteous to allow me to apologize.
Because you always have to be the one everyone feels sorry for.
You won't accept apology because you soak up energy from people feeling sorry for you.
You're selfish and you hurt my feelings to feel better about yourself.
You know you do that.
But I can't point it out without becoming a "drama queen" or a "silly 17 year old girl, who clearly has no experience in life."
So, is that it? You're experienced and I'm not?
Well, that makes perfect sense.
Seeing as I'm the one actually doing something with the talent that we both possess.
You never did anything about it. And you know it.
You know what. You're right. I'm the idiot.
If I have to stop fighting for myself and my feelings to make you feel more "welcome," then so be it.
I'll take all the blame and let you be as rude to me as you want if it means that my best friend will just come back.
You're jealous of me. And you treat me terribly because of it. You belittle me because you know that I'm doing everything you wish you did, and you could have done. But you didn't.
I don't know why. You just didn't.
I'm not trying to be rude to you.
Well, actually I am. Because I'm sick of you being rude to me.
So I suppose I'm sinking to your level right now. Whatever. I don't even care.

Will you just come back?
Please.. Just... Come back...

--Your old best friend

By: Mallory


  1. I love this a lot. but not so much the situation. Sorry, Mall. :/

  2. That is exactly how I feel about a certain old 'best friend'. Well 'best cousin friend.' I hope things get better for you.


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