Sunday, July 11, 2010

i have something very important to tell you.

i fell in love with the work of matisse at first sight, and with the artist himself shortly after.
he is unfortunately not available for marriage.
so as plan b, i have always been convinced that i will meet my true love in front of a matisse painting.

while in san francisco, i had the opportunity to visit the SFMOMA, which houses the painting above, 'woman with a hat', as well as 'la femme des yeux verts' and a oil sketch of 'le bonheur de vivre'.
i stood in front of these paintings for a good 15 minutes before i moved on to everything else.

after a lunch of margherita pizza, however, i just had to go back. (seeing matisses is momentous for me).
so i stood in front of it even longer, listening to the docent's interesting facts.
(gertrude stein bought the painting after first seeing it, because her husband said, "this is the ugliest smear of paint i have ever seen, but we have to buy it. it will be important someday.")
i was completely and utterly content and thought that nothing about this situation could get any better when i turned my head to the left and saw him behind the three giacommettis...
the most beautiful boy i have ever laid eyes on.
it was destiny, was it not?
however, i am much too young to fall into true love, so i let the beautiful san-franciscan-brunette-levi-wearing-hunk pass by.
i'll be back someday. and so will he.

the man himself, as pictured in 1944...

By: Hannah

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  1. Hannah, i love this. and i love you.
    it's been much too long, my friend. I miss our morning adventures.


you look really good today!