Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Runaway

Tonight, I took my sweet time driving home from work.
I got a job, did you know? It's a lovely little job. And I enjoy everything about it. Except for the constant standing, but what do you do about that?
I had things to think about, and I do a lot of thinking while driving home from work. So I figured I would take the long way home and let my thoughts run free for just a moment longer than usual.

Tonight, something extra-ordinary happened.

As I was driving, I came to a sudden halt at a cross walk where a bike was riding past. As the bicycle came into clear view in the midst of my headlights, I realized the glory of the situation.
It was not just any bicycle, but a tandem bicycle. 
Now, this may not seem very cool, seeing as tandem bikes aren't that rare to come by.
But on this lovely, red, two-man-cycle, was a most beautiful couple.
The man must have loved the woman, because the woman was in the front seat. How often is it that the man obligingly allows the woman to steer? Hardly ever, I'd say. 
Would you like to know the best part?
The woman was in a dress.
Not just any dress.
A white one. With poofs and frills and lace that graced the ground as they rode.
And the man was in a suit.
Not just any suit.
But the suit he wears when he states how he wants to live the rest of his life.
The most important black suit he will ever wear.

And off they rode. Down the street. And to their destination of what I imagined to be Happily Ever After.

I was surprised to see that there were no people following them, no cheering behind them, no cars to their side. There were no people blowing bubbles or throwing confetti at them. They were completely alone.
It was just them and their tandem bicycle. Riding down the street. On the happiest day of their lives. With no one but each other.

I turned left at the intersection, and drove up the hill to find myself passing a wedding reception. Where there were people flooding in and out. There was dancing and food and gifts. But not a bride or groom in sight.
It didn't seem to be a big deal to any of the guests, but I had a gut feeling that no one there knew where the happy couple had gone.
Just me.
I knew where they were.
They had ran away.
Not because they didn't want to be there.
But because they clearly had better places to be.
They had a life to start.

I can't wait to find the man who makes me happier than anyone.
The man who sweeps me off of my feet and tells me that it's okay to feel something.

I already know what sort of man I'm going to marry.
He'll be handsome, of course. And have nice clothing.
He'll propose to me in the most clever of ways.

And he'll be the sort of man that plans a runaway.

He'll keep a tandem bicycle in the back of the celebration, and he'll wink twice.
That will be the code.
And I'll know that it's time for us to sneak off and begin our lives together without telling a soul.
We'll begin our lives together on a tandem bike.

And he'll allow that we begin our lives togehter with me steering.

By: Mallory


  1. Can I just say that I come by your blog every day and read what you have to say? I am highly amused by your writings. When I read them, it's like my mind wanders off and imagines what you write of. You girls are VERY clever. Keep it up : ) You've got something REAL special here.

  2. This was beautiful and simple.
    Simply beautiful :)
    looking forward to reading to reading more of your blog

  3. Hey. I miss you Keds. So much.

  4. beautiful. spoken right from my dreams. says that it is ok to feel. me and you have that same issue baby girl. and i love you for reading my mind.


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