Sunday, December 18, 2011


if the sidebar that says 186 people read this blog means that at least even 5 people do, then i have a responsibility. because this is a platform. and i'm a spokesman. and if you're going to spend your time reading my words they shouldn't be about me.
i don't care about you reading any of this blog. but i want to you know one thing.
i want you to know that God lives. that He loves you. that His son, Jesus Christ, knows you personally. that He knows what it felt like when you stubbed your toe and He knows how much your heart hurt that night when you couldn't do anything except fall onto the floor on your face. and He knows the loneliness you sometimes feel when you look at the stars and He knows what it's like to be torn.
He was born years ago in Bethlehem and the stars shone bright and we were angels and we sang upon his arrival.
He is real. He died for us. and He lives.
i don't care if you know how much i love art or chocolate or about my adventures with a film camera. no, that is not important. but please know this about me:
my name is hannah, i am a daughter of a magnificent and perfect Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ is my brother, and i will return to live with both of them, along with my family, through the grace and atonement of the Holy One. i know, with an unshakeable knowledge, of His reality. i know this because i am happy. i am whole. i am pure. my soul has healed. my fear is gone. and i have hope. and because when i had my rock bottom and the tears streamed down my face along with whispers begging for safety and help and security, i felt His love enter my heart and make my burdens light. i know because that night, i sat on a grassy hill under the stars and i said out loud that i could do it. that wasn't me speaking. how would i ever think that i could do it two hours later? i couldn't have. there was a greater power working within me and around me and that has never left. i have been guided with a gentle hand through treacherous terrain and i am safe. and i always will be.

He is real. and i love Him.

and that is the only thing i have ever written that you are allowed to quote me on.

whatever God you believe in, believe. and share the light you get from that belief. whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, take this time to be grateful, joyful, full, warm, to see the beauty of the world, and to realize that the things that have happened to you that are the most beautiful came from something much greater than you.

have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and remember. remember why it is merry. remember why it is Christmas at all.


  1. This is exactly how I feel.
    Thank you for saying it.

  2. hannah. thank you so much for this. you don't even know how much this helped me. it put a little shining light into my life. you're a star.

  3. definitely loving this post sooo much. thank you for posting this. :)

  4. i am all about this post. i love you, han. i love you for sharing what you believe and i love you for not being scared of that.


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