Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i could see for miles and miles and miles

& one year ago, i was in beautiful, colorful paris.

today i came full circle again. it seems to be happening a lot lately.
i sat on the top floor of the HFAC in a room full of windows, covering myself with plaster in the process of creating a sculpture. i watched the clouds move in and the sky turn gray.
the time came to leave. i sat in between the glass doors trying to stuff all my art projects into my backpack to protect them from the rain, which was falling faster and faster now.
i stepped outside with re: stacks blowing up my headphones, just like on all the rainy days. i was a little bit bugged at first, because the rain ruined half of my sculpture and my cubist piece. i put on my hood and i watched the ground.
then, after i had thrown my art into a nearby trash bin, the beauty hit me. i held my head up, and i said hello to the people i passed, and i reached my hands out just like i had six months ago.
and my heart filled right up, of course it did, and i smiled to myself as i waited for the crosswalk to change because your love will be safe with me.
so i listened to stacks again, and i walked up the stairs and when i reached the bell tower, i stopped and looked. everything was so colorful. the trees had become fuchsia and the mist covered the mountains and the white petals that had fallen from the trees lining the sidewalk looked a little bit like snow, the grass was so green, the alive kind of green. it was breathtaking. so i stood and i got wet and i smiled and i was filled,
the kind of filled i haven't been for a good while.
i thought about the last time this happened, when the world was turning orange and red and yellow instead of green and pink and white. it seems like centuries ago.
and i'm not like a tree, because after they lose their leaves, they stop growing until the sun decides to shine again. i lost lots of things, but i made sure i kept growing, with or without the sun, but mostly with it because i am not sessile and i could find my own sunshine. and now it's time to be colorful and share beauty, and i was in need of a fresh start, a new color of green, and i didn't know it until this evening.
and it feels good to be surrounded by my favorite color again.


  1. Wow, this is just beautiful. Simply said. Thank you.

    By the way, when are you going to declare the next mail circuit? :---)

  2. i love you hannah. beautiful and simple.


you look really good today!