Saturday, March 12, 2011

a call to pens.

hey my very own writing book. (i just got new film developed.)

'sup, inhabitants of blog world?
 my purpose here is to make a request of sorts.
you see, in the summertime, i was the champion of letter-writing. i had eleven pen pals or so. but that has since failed, mostly because all have failed to write me back as of late. 
but i have been pleased with the recent correspondence that i have shared with jenna.
and therefore have been inspired to get to know more of you lovely lovely people. 
so the question is this. 
would you like to be my pen pal?
if the answer is yes. please say so. 
email me at
we will exchange residence information.
and you will soon recieve a colorful piece of paper in your mailbox. 

all you who didn't write me back....
write me back.

love, hannah.


  1. oh this is such a lovely idea!! may i join in?


you look really good today!