Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a funny story for you.

so i have this friend named cade.
he and i bicker every time we talk.
he let's me get on my soapbox with him. that's why i like him so much.
so today he was being stressed out about prom. because he has 6 free tickets to california, which he wants to use to go to the beach for a day date. and there was just some issues with it and another boy. so he was freaking out and i said,
cade. just go to california if you want to go to california....
(i keep speaking my opinion in an animated manner)
and he says, (still in his bickering voice)
will you go to prom with me?
but i think he says,
do you have a problem with me?
so i say,
NO! i'm on your side!!
(and i keep saying this because i don't listen well sometimes)
and laura was there, and she jumps in and says,
NO! cade, she didn't hear you, and hannah, he asked if you wanted to go to prom with him!
and i said,
and then i said,
and then he said,
i'll bring you flowers or something later.

the end.



  1. He just finished telling me this same story :) FUN

  2. this is the best thing i have heard all day X)

  3. "i'll bring you flowers or something later."

    Ha hah hah ha.

  4. haha! YES. Greatest way to ask someone to prom. This should go down in history.
    You would hannah :)

  5. haha i love cade and bickering with him.

    good story.


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