Thursday, March 10, 2011

Violence could be the answer...

I have the divine right to express my anger across the world wide web.
I mean, if you weren't interested in it to begin with, you wouldn't be reading this. Right?
Anyway. I just decided to take the opportunity to be slightly morbid.
(Deep down, we're all morbid.) 
I am quite the artist lately, so I made some art work. It was a theraputic experience, which helped me cope with my anger toward a few particular humans, and I came out of it a better person, I think.
I decided to share my art work with you.
Tell me how I'm doing on the whole "express yourself" idea.

Also, these may be inappropriate for young or innocent eyes.
Viewer discretion is advised.

This is a picture of me cutting off their heads, limbs, and other essential body parts.
Well, actually, this picture is post-cutting-off-heads-and-limbs.
But. You get the idea.

This is me eating them. Quite frankly, I would imagine human number four (the one closest to me in the photo) to be the only one that would maybe taste good. I don't know why, but I think he'd taste the best out of all four of them. Human number two has some potential, as well. Anyway, the point is for them to pass away in the process of all of this, so it doesn't really matter how they taste.

This is me, asking them if they have any last words.
Also, have you ever noticed that all the cool people with guns wear sunglasses in movies and things?
Those are my favorite part of the picture.

This is me, stepping on them.
If human number one makes a quick run for it, he may make it out of this one alive.
He owes me a "thank you" for giving him such an opportunity.

And now that all my anger is out,
this is me, turning them into balloons, and letting go.
Because, in the end, it's best to just let go of things.

I'm not angry.
Just misunderstood.



  1. brilliant. hilarious. good moral of the story.
    i like you mallory ash.
    i really really do.

  2. i'm mostly glad that you cut human number three in the middle of his stomach. i'd do that, too, given the chance. i don't really feel good about the fact that you only cut human number one twice instead of three times, like the rest, AND you almost let him escape your stomp.

    i don't like him much at all.

    THE MORAL OF THE STORY is that i agree that humans number one and three would not taste so good. one like food industry BEE OHH and one like... dirty mexican food.

  3. In case you were wondering,
    I thouroughly enjoyed reading this.
    You are quite hysterical, that's all.

  4. i knew i liked you :) sometimes...its necessary to kill people.

  5. haha mal you're probably the greatest. i draw pictures of situations like this as well. i love you.


you look really good today!