Monday, March 7, 2011

Monster or Man

Sometimes you have to spend a Sunday afternoon eating Ben & Jerry's, and watching the greatest film to ever exist (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) with the person who allows you to be yourself more than anyone else.
These are the moment's I'll remember.

I drew you a picture of us:

NOTE: Earlier, I drew a picture of this on the back of my AP Language quiz as a depiction of "what I did this weekend," and Kevin pointed out to me that it's "God HELP the outcasts," not "bless." But I drew "Bless" anyway because I wanted to relive the mistake.
I'm into making mistakes these days.
It feels good.

Also, we're making "sad" faces in the picture, but they aren't meant to be sad. They are faces that are soaking up the beauty of a phenomenal Disney movie. Seriously, that movie is art. I love it so much.

Happy exactly-one-month-until-I-turn-eighteen day!

With love,
Mallory Elizabeth.

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