Tuesday, March 22, 2011

you look really good today.

1. me, hannah a, and jess twirl in the street
2. me and jake bird-watch through doughnuts
3. we practice partying under the bottle tree
4. jackson wears my hear as a mustache

hey all! so sometimes, all the time, my friends and i do awesome things. 
however, on this occasion, we actually documented it.
yes, we really do just dress up and hang out.
kidding. kelsey created and styled this fashion story, 
shelbie was our talented photographer, 
and the rest of us modeled.
check out the actual "fashion story" by clicking here.
i think you'll love it.
love, hannah.


  1. what is the spread for? it's really good by the way, awesome job!


you look really good today!