Friday, February 10, 2012

better ways to procrastinate.

there are several corners of the interwebz that i get really excited about.
and whenever i use them as procrastination tools, they always just make me feel awesome instead. not a good cycle.
if you're going to read blogs, read these ones. instead of your average blogs, these ones offer consistent depth and enlightenment. and you'd be wise to check them out. you might learn a thing or two about being an effective human.
now, as a disclaimer, all the blogs on our sidebar are awesome. and we love them. but the fact of the matter is that i don't stay tuned on a lot of other people's blogs unless they're my best friends. these are the special ones that i do keep up on.

some words. lindsey's blog posts look to me like a bunch of shiny golden threads all woven together to make a really large and wonderfully warm blanket. i feel good when i read it. i feel kind of like i feel in a museum. it's beautiful.

the girl in the dress. if kimberly doesn't have her head on perfectly straight, i don't know who does. i admire her honesty and courage. light just comes out from every word of hers. humor and depth? yes please.

we all have a story of adolescence and its glory. she's another lindsey, and after i read her words, i always find myself thinking YES! that's exactly how it is and i never had the words before. it is just good. so good, through and through.

rachael. i'm not sure what to call her blog because it keeps changing. but i do know that it's absolutely lovely, as is she. i think she's one of the most beautiful people in the world. and her words ring true every time.

strange but true. let's be real, hannah is one of a kind. she is nothing but herself and that integrity comes straight through her blog. she's so relateable, funny, engaging and deep. and i love it. and i love her.

music at ten. so, not really a blog, but a very worthwhile piece of the internet. i have a friend who's name is mack. mack and his family started this music at ten thing a few years ago. to be honest, i'm not that sure how it started or evolved, but i can tell you that going to his house to listen to this every sunday night at ten is the most relaxing thing in the world. they pick a friend or family member to make a playlist every week, and then his brother in idaho broadcasts it through the site so everyone can listen live, no matter where they are. good stuff.

so now that i've lured you into more internet time-suckers, i bid you good eve. enjoy. i sure do.


  1. This made my entire day. Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much that means to me.


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