Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One of the many ways public transportation has changed my life.

The blind man rides the bus around for hours at a time.
He told me it's because he likes to imagine all the sights there are to see. And he likes to feel the bumps along the road. And he meets lots of beautiful people.

"As a blind man, I see how people really are. I can see them. And you know something?

We're all children of God.
Running the same race, just at different speeds."

He didn't know I cried right there, sitting next to him on that bus.
But I did.

I stood up as we approached my stop, and said goodbye.
And I pinky-promised him I wouldn't be a stranger.

As our promising pinkies clasped, he smiled.
"I like you," he said.
"I like you, too," I responded.

And we made eye contact.
Of course, he didn't know we made eye contact.

But I had a feeling that those glazed eyes had seen more than I ever will.

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