Wednesday, February 2, 2011

about tuesday.

yeah, so i've really missed just posting whatever random thoughts are bouncing around in my head.
today i liked: 
the rigidly proper boy wearing a sunflower in his jacket pocket.
stealing cupcakes with kaylee & eating them in the mother's room.
the lunchside.
a new shirt.
"why are you the only person i'm hostile to?"
picking the most attractive boy on each page of the 1999 yearbook. (mostly they were all ugly and we picked the least so)
our french movie is the dumbest thing ever. it's a grenouille!!
not having fitness for life.
the florence & the machine album. i'm not calling you a liar...
& the pony letter i got in the mail from s.s. no one knows why she sent it in the summer and it just barely came.


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you look really good today!