Monday, February 7, 2011

love is like breakfast.

love is like breakfast. 
most items can go together as part of the meal.
but only a few special combinations truly work.
you see, i am an english muffin.
just another carb, but a very classy one. 
one that few people are smart enough to choose.
and english muffins are even better with, say, orange marmalade. another classy food item.
or maybe some cinnamon. also a solid choice.

today jelly & lucky charms both asked me to be their other half. and i said, sorry. i'm waiting. for something better. (jelly is too insubstantial and lucky charms.. really? what makes you think english muffins and lucky charms are even in the same placemat?)

here is my proposition. orange marmalade? let's get together. we go well.
we would be the breakfast of champions... like the queen of england or simon cowell. or kate winslet.

...i'm starting to think i need to wake up early enough to eat breakfast in the morning so i don't think too much about it.

-the english muffin.


you look really good today!