Monday, February 21, 2011

I confess: I stole a great lyric and made it the URL of our blog. Is that illegal?

There is a song that changed my life.
This lovely little song came into my life in the ninth grade. It was sung by a group of us cute junior high children who were too young to genuinely appreciate what it was actually saying.

Unfortunately, I can't find the words on the internet.
(Let this be documentation of the first time in my entire life that Google has let me down...)
But, like I said, this song changed my life. Therefore, I think I remember most of the words. If they are wrong, I do apologize.

Some of my favorite lines went as follows:

For a canvas of color, for a concert of sound,
for the unfolding seasons, the earth spinning round.
For the birth of each sunrise, for the sky set ablaze.
For these simple gifts, we give simple praise.
For the love of a mother, for the touch of a hand.
For the deeper emotions we can’t understand.
For the lessons we learn from the trials we face.
For these simple gifts, we give simple praise.

Lovely, isn't it? I'll always remember that song.

It's stuck with me for three years now, and I often find myself thinking of it. Constantly. I believe that everything is a simple gift, therefore, well, you know. It deserves simple praise.

For novels that could be coffee tables.
For the hair on your head that hides your frustrations and insecurities.
For men who open doors for women.
For the pair of shoes that takes you on every adventure, no matter how far.
For fingers that play the black and white keys for sake of the art.
For the one you'll spend your entire life waking up next to.
For a notebook of empty pages that waits for you to tell your story.
For scents that recall a memory.
For homemade bread and homemade memories.
For a tide that washes away the shore and your sorrows.
For the bird that sings for you, for me, and of course for himself.
For these simple gifts, we give simple praise.

Love, Mallory


  1. What a lovely song, I have never heard of it before. I love your list of things to give praise for, there are just so many things and it's nice to be reminded of them once in a while :)

  2. I love this :). ♥ There are so many simple little things in life that we should take the time to praise.

  3. I absolutely love this. This post made my day!

  4. I loved this song. Absolutely amazing lyric, and GREAT music to go along with it. I had no idea your URL was based on it.



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