Wednesday, February 16, 2011

we're kinda strange, but i like it.

if the whole world understood.
then the whole world would understand.
and the whole world would have better valentine's days.

the way you invest your love, you invest your life.
-dear mumford & sons, whom have taught me more about love than almost anything.

my love? it's invested in friendships. and art. and happiness. and family.
and valentine's day is a good thing.

and last weekend i went on two dates.
on one, he turned to me, and said, let's do whatever you want.
and so we walked around the art museum.
we read old books in saver's.
we watched people & made up their stories.
we shopped for sweaters.
we pretended to be people who shop at nordstrom and banana republic and express.
we sang songs at the top of our lungs.
we went to the dollar theater.
he whispered in my ear the answers to all the questions i asked about this strange phenomenon called harry potter.
and we talked about our fears & our plans & the gospel.
and i decided then and there that my husband will be just like him.

on the other, a different he greeted me at his door.
and said, which belt should i wear?
and i said, the alligator one.
we overcame the awkward stage, and talked about music.
he made everyone laugh.
we don't know what we were dressed up as. but we howled (and meowed) at the moon.
we danced in shelbie's car with her sa-weet subwoofer.
killed each other in laser tag.
and ate some hamburgers.
tried out some fancy dance moves, and decided we have talent.
oh, and then we got married.
danced in the parking lot.
made plans.
and said goodbye.

well. i like these two boys. they are gems of the male race.
i think i'm lucky to know them. i hope they know they're wonderful.

dating is good. but not necessary for your high school happiness.

i suck at coming up with a moral for the story.

i am going to see young the giant tomorrow.

and joshua radin in a few weeks. i just bought his new album.

and i want to go to the sasquatch music festival more than anything.

that is all.





  1. i like this & i'm jealous of you going to joshua radin. check your post soon :)

  2. i'm WAY jealous you're going to young the giant. you better post on how it goes.

  3. I was going to go to that concert tomorrow! I totally forgot about it. What time does it start??

  4. that first date is so precious. i want to go on a date and do exactly just that except i do that all the time by myself but not with someone. oh so much more enjoyable don't you say and mumford. oh mumford love that line you included!


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