Tuesday, February 22, 2011

home is where the art is.

the art museum.
the one place in the world where i know exactly how to act.
the place where i don't have to say any words.
the place where i can just be.
i went to the carl bloch exhibit at byu today. i know. i'm a little late on that.
i stood in front of a big painting of jairus' daughter.
and i sent a little prayer up to heaven.
thank you for the way my insides feel when i look at art.
(because my heart feels huge like it's beating out of my chest.)
this is where i feel understood.
and then little tears started to come out of my eyes.
because i know where i belong.
i don't know what kind of significance is going to come out of my participation and appreciation of the art world.
i don't know how i'll help people.
but i feel like where i was standing, there were perfect indents in the wood floor, the shapes of my feet, telling me to stay where i was.
somehow i know it. i know where i'm supposed to go.
and now the only part is getting there.



  1. that was my FAVORITE painting at the exhibit. for my creative writing class we were told to go to that exhibit and write a poem on any painting that really struck us, and i chose this one. i couldn't get away from it, and that's my favorite kind of art: the kind that won't leave you alone.

  2. I think I actually recognize that painting. Is that a Carl Bloch? Cause if so, I totally saw that in his art exhibit at BYU.

  3. Mm.. and I just read your post. Right... me so smart :S

  4. that exhibit is absolutely mind blowing. it gave me all sorts of chills in the best way possible.


you look really good today!