Sunday, February 27, 2011

the Y.

just a postcard from my collection, for your viewing pleasure.

i never ever had a desire to go to byu.

i had my heart set on BU or UW, or something like that.
so it surprised me that when i was applying to colleges, i felt like i only needed to apply to the u, byu, and usu.
these places are not what i pictured for myself.
i wanted a big city. big opportunities. new people and fantastic adventures.
but that's a little unrealistic. let's face it.
'specially since byu is, hm, 35,000 dollars less than UW?
every time i'd read my scriptures looking for an answer about which college to go to, i'd always find something about learning with knowledge and faith.
and so i began to think that byu was the place for me.
an education based on faith really is attractive to me, anyway.
so i kind of just planned on going there. when i'd imagine college, that's where i'd be.
and even though byu is a hard school to get into, i was never really worried because if i got in, it's where i'm supposed to be, and if i didn't, then the u was where i was supposed to be.
so on wednesday night as all the 11, 000 freshman applicants stormed the byu site to find out their admissions decision, i was right along with them.
at 10:45 the site let me in.
and i saw those words.
admitted undergraduate.
and then i laughed.
it was disturbingly similar to the laugh of a mad scientist.
and then my phone's inbox started to fill with messages from other adolescents who had been admitted, young women's leaders, and relatives.
and i have to tell you. i have never felt more at peace about a decision.
although i won't be near a few of my very important friends. (when it hit me that i wouldn't be with them anymore, i was driving to school. i cried. i don't cry.)
i don't know. it just feels weird to have a plan.
but i'm excited. to see what i can accomplish. and learn.

and so i know that several of you blog readers go to byu (or college for that matter) and i just want to make a request for some advice.
whatever advice you have.
where to live. what classes to take. things of that sort.
i would appreciate it.
thank you dear lovely stalkers.

love,  hannah.


  1. welcome to cougarland!
    advice: if you want to meet sane (not the hyper-social, perpetual efy-ers of helaman halls) people, and if you don't want to drive/get a bus pass (like you would have to in wyview), live in heritage, if you wnat to live on campus. the buildings are old, but the trees are beautiful, and it's SO close.
    if you can avoid it, don't take writing 150 if you have the ap credit (ap lit/ap lang). they'll try and rope you into it, but stand your ground. i wish i would have.
    MEET. PEOPLE. don't just rely on your high school friends. because i did, and i still don't know, like, ANYONE besides the people in my group of friends from high school who came to byu. and when they all leave on missions, i'll have about three friends. so moral of the story: meet people. it really isn't hard, unless you limit yourself. you know?
    anyway. hah. you probably didn't want that much advice, but there it is! everything i wish people would have told me.

  2. The Following will sound entirely random:
    So, I have a proposition for you, and if you're interested in discovering what that may be, e-mail me at cmbsquiggles(at)gmail(dot)com. :) That will be all.
    And congrats!

  3. Han! Congrats on getting in to cougland. Let me tell you something. I never wanted to come to the Y. I had a similar experience to that of yours. So, your post was crazy to read. Let me tell you something. Attending a university where you are surrounded by good people getting an education like you is so relieving. I would suggest living in Heritage. In fact, I highly recommend it. I strongly agree with e'erything Lindsey said. Meet new people and work hard. College is killer. Be individual and know who you are and where you're going. Make the most of your time and have fun! oh yeah, don't forget a can opener. And also, an umbrella.

  4. thank you both for your advice--it really has helped already. (helped me decide to go for heritage.)
    college is quite the unknown and i can use all the help i can get.
    i really appreciate it.

  5. Can I just make a plug for Helaman before you make your decision for sure? I lived in Helaman and LOVED IT. In Heritage, you get less money for food and have to cook everything yourself. It can be a really hard transition from living with your parents to BAM relying totally on yourself. In Helaman, you get a TON of money for food so you can go to the Canon center (the cafeteria, but ten million times yummier) or anywhere else on campus for food. Plus, you meet more people in Helaman because you live on a hall with 40 girls instead of in an apartment with 6. I'm not a "hyper-social" person (ask mallory how many friends I have) but people from Heritage would always come to the Helaman grounds because there was more going on, always. If you're into the idea of apartment living, and having to work harder to branch out and meet other people, go from Heritage. But if you're looking for a total college dorm experience (minus the booze) seriously go for Helaman. I loved it, and I've never met anyone who didn't.

    Also, GO TO CLASS. I learned that one the hard way.

    Okay, that's all.

  6. congratulations! i hope you love it!!


you look really good today!