Wednesday, February 9, 2011

when we're alone, we're all the same as each other.

we all think.
we all cry.
we all worry.
we all sing.
we all dance.
we all smile.
we all stress.
we all hurt.

and so.
people are just people.
they shouldn't make you nervous.
people are just people like you.

even the perfect boy who is smarter than anyone you know.
even your awkward co-workers.
even your english teacher.

if you like somebody, tell them.
or they'll bug your mind.

if you want to be friends with somebody, say hello.
or you will still be lonely.

if you want to learn something, learn it.
or you won't ever know.

these are things i have to remember.

-hannah, james morrison, and regina spektor.


  1. Ah, thank you for this good advice.

  2. Brilliant. It's so true and something that I always forget.

  3. I really really like this post.


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