Tuesday, November 2, 2010


salt lake city, as seen from the lens of the film camera.

there's a time in every life when a decision must be made.the decision of what to believe. of what to be.
and now, well, i've decided. the past year i've spend in confusion has ironically allowed me to find what i really believe in. i've come to a point where i don't just believe what i believe. i live it. i am amazed at the recent ease with which i've been able to move through this beautiful world. that's what makes me so content, i think. that belief system is 90% of how okay i've been.
i believe in journals. and with that, blogging. it keeps me sane. it is a way for me to force feelings into words; feelings that would otherwise be bottled up inside of me. writing sets them free.
i believe in the scriptures and the prophets. i believe everything they say has a purpose in my life. this gospel can only lead to happiness. there is nothing to lose for believing it.
i believe that the blessings received as a result of exercising faith are not a coincidence.
i don't believe in coincidences. i believe that everything has a purpose. everything.
even if it's resulted from my own mistakes, there's something for me to learn. and from every person.
i believe in patience. not waiting. enduring well. taking the time to learn the lesson and apply it until God allows me to move forward.
i believe in being interesting. in cultivating my uniqueness.
i believe in creating my own happiness.
i believe in things that make me smile. 
i believe in blatantly singing and dancing while i'm driving down the street, in the hope that someone will see me and laugh. because i LOVE to see people singing in their cars.
i believe in the past. i believe that antiques are so much better than brand-new.
i believe in limited technology. tangibility over ease. 
i believe in the power of sticky-note joy.
i believe in art. in the feeling i get deep in my soul.
i believe in beauty. and respect. 
i believe in mothers. 
i believe that it's possible for someone to make you feel like sunshine, and when they do, you had better keep them around.
i believe in confidence and a good pair of shoes. 
i believe in honesty and commitment. 
i believe in music.
i believe that this generation can change the way the world sees.
i believe in myself.

yes, most of all, i believe in me.

i believe i can do it. by 'it', i mean life. i can succeed. succeeding in the sense of being happy no matter what occurs. so i will. i won't ever be shaken.


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  1. so much love for this.
    i agree with you 100%

  2. this is absolutely beautiful to read!

  3. Once upon a time.

    I was kinda sorta in this perpetual downish mood that I'd had for a week or two (so maybe not so perpetual. But it was looking that for the future). On the outside, I could be normal around friends. But inside I just had this... loss?
    [Oh, men. What they do to us.]
    Anyway. Dear old Caroline Hansen told me about your blog. I read. I enjoyed. I laughed. I secretly decided we should be friends.
    Suddenly, I felt so much better! I had this little jump in my step and smile on my face. I made up my mind to be happier. You guys lead the kind of lives I WISH I led. Sometimes I get those moments where I'm almost there - where I have that spontaneity. But I want it to ALWAYS be a part of my life.
    So I tried today! It felt better. Carlie and I did some bathroom sticky-note-ing during lunch, and I think Lone Peak officially reached a cooler level. I wrote some lovely quotes and decorated the page! It was great.
    Admittedly, I slipped into my sad mood a little more this afternoon. I didn't stay as happy as I would have liked.
    Lo and behold, I read your blog again tonight and it once again managed to put me in a superb mood.
    Once again, I am resolved to my new attitude.

    Thank you.

    You both rock. I've met you Mallory (creepy? maybe. at zupas. there were seven of us. the conversation went something like this:
    yada yada boyfriends
    mal: who needs boyfriends?!
    everone looks at me.
    mal: who's your boyfriend...?
    awkward silence, people volunteer for me.
    mal: no. i want to hear it from her.
    me: evan johnson.
    mal: bless you.

    ...it might interest you to know this also no longer applies ;) ha. explain later?)

    Okay I'm sorry. This is a freaking novel.
    You guys are awesome.
    I guess I just want to say thanks. :)

  4. What a beautiful post. I just love the part about singing in the car!!!


you look really good today!