Friday, November 19, 2010

hello, from the flies!

today we went to whistle wok.
in mallory's van, because it's alive again!
thank the heavens for that van.
we got the 2 combination. with sesame chicken, orange chicken, an egg roll, and half fried rice/half noodles.
we ate our fortune cookies before we read them.
hannah's said, "you find beauty in ordinary things. appreciate that gift".
mallory's said, "you will have better luck in real estate than stocks".
needless to say, mallory was disappointed.
we figure it must be a metaphor. that mallory will have better luck with fat men than skinny men. because real estate has more substance than stocks.
so mallory bought a different fortune cookie.
and we just wanted to let you guys know. 
and also, we love you.
and we love this photo of us.
and we love our friends.
who say things to mallory like, 
"i would poo my pants if you were my mother."

love, mallory & hannah.

1 comment:

  1. dear hannah.
    i enjoyed meeting you.
    i think we could be friends.
    xo. miss mandi.


you look really good today!