Sunday, November 28, 2010


brancusci's bird in space

i was talking to my friend.
and he said, "hannah, tell me a secret."
and i said, "i don't have any secrets."
and he said, "sure you do. here's one. i hate the majority of television."
and i said, "i used to wish my nose was smaller but recently i've decided i like it."
and he said, "there you go. to me, secrets are little-known things about a person that help you get to know them better."

so then we told secrets for a long time.
and i decided that i really like that. that secrets are just small facts.

i can only write in my journal with the pilot g-2 pen.
i love it when my eyes look green.
i think i look prettier right before i get ready for bed than any other time of the day.
apples remind me of kindergarten.
i like to own green things.
the ideal present for me would be an art postcard with a genuine love note written on the back.
i drive with the windows down when i'm alone, even if it's freezing.
i take the long way home.
i trust too much.
i feel at home in an art museum.
i had to restrain myself from pointing out a statue in star wars that looked exactly like brancusci's bird in space.
i don't like technology.
i love mail.
i used to sing to dragonflies as a small child.
my mother is my best friend.
and my other best friend is my antithesis. we disagree on a daily basis. and yet, we continue to function.
i know what love is because i know what love isn't.
i own 84 shirts and that fact makes me feel selfish.
i'm a sucker for men who play the saxophone.
and my dad wanted to name me anastasia.

what's your secret?



  1. next to the harmonica. the saxophone is the most romantic sound.
    in the world.
    my secret. i love lady gaga. and i sleep in a sleeping bag. every night. i steal forks. and buy records, just for the covers.

  2. men who play the saxophone are, indeed, attractive.
    I secretly wish I could sing bass.

  3. my biggest ambition is to build my own hospital and live in Germany. I want to marry someone who calls me ladybird and i love to talk to myself.

  4. I watch fashion shows and look at collections every night before bed. I wish I was smart enough and had the ambition to be a great doctor. I also want a shorter nose and am
    Learning to like mine. I wish I was taller so I could model


you look really good today!