Monday, November 8, 2010

Nothing but trouble.

I am a sucker for his fantastic life stories.
And he has wonderful hair, in which he lets me run my fingers.
He appreciates great music.
He thinks I'm funny. And boy, does that symphonic laugh get me every time.
He knows exactly what I mean when I attempt to explain my philosophy on life to him.
The silence between the two of us is beautiful. And almost insightful.
And, let's not forget to mention how lovely his hands are.
He's nerdy. He loves history.
His quirks are endearing.
He flaunts his imperfections so perfectly.
He has a good heart. I can see it in his eyes.
I knew he would be quite the trouble from the first time he made me laugh.
And quite the trouble he is.
But the boy sure knows how to kiss.
And he calls me "My dear."

And I think I like him. Maybe a lot.

Oh, how I am loathing my silly little self.
This madness must cease..



  1. i love this. love, it's a beautiful thing.

  2. Mallory. This is truly fantastic. You're cute. And a terribly good writer.

    Call me sometime.

  3. That's so beautiful :) Ahh I wish I could write like you! xoxo

  4. i'm such a fan of this.
    :) really.


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