Sunday, November 14, 2010

The better fly:

This is my dearest friend, Hannah.
Perhaps you've met her?
Or read her blog before?
She writes beautifully.

In any event, I often times look through the old photos I have stored on my phone. And I came across this lovely thing. I do believe it's the best photo that I've ever beheld, and the best photo I've ever taken of someone.
This was taken at a football game. I was a level above Hannah and she turned around and looked up at me, smiling as if she had a secret.
(She always smiles that way. And it's that smile of secrecy that keeps those men running back to her. I tell you what, the woman is brilliant.)
And I snapped a photo of her, because she's just too darn cute not to photograph.

This photo depicts the loveliness of  being free and being young. To me, Hannah is just that. And that's what we are together, I suppose. We are free and we are young, and we surely act that way.

We are flies on the wall, observing everything, flying around, never in one place.
Because we are free birds. Or free flies, I suppose...

Anyway, this post is mostly just a tribute to Hannah. And all of the lovely things she brings into my life.

She's a sure gem. And my dearest pal. And I'd die without her being my fellow fly and constant light at the end of the tunnel.

I love her.

Love, Mal

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  1. This is wonderful. Never forget to cherish, always, your amazing friendships.


you look really good today!