Thursday, November 11, 2010

my best man (and other life catch-ups)

this man. i call him sparkler. he calls me hanny.
on some thursdays we go and get hot chocolate and chat. because our lives are busy and we swear we never talk anymore.
i just wanted to say,
that if you ever feel like you are underwater (as in, life is boring, you're not fully there today) go get some hot chocolate with a meilleur ami. 
it brightened up my mood, a little bit.

other things about this week that made me break the surface of my underwater winter life:
  • chats with ari at the statue park
  • classy nordstrom dresses
  • trying to buy an order of chicken nuggets at chick-fil-a and being given one single chicken nugget instead
  • one shiny fingernail, thanks to ben at the kiosk in the mall
  • meeting new people who like good music
  • classy black heels
  • going to the eisley concert with other better men
  • reading the french version of star wars (C3PO is 6PO. it bugs, a little but i like it).
  • having pal time with jessica
  • bucket lists being fulfilled
  • classy new cell phone
  • slider's gourmet (it's kinda cool).
  • notes written on the back of receipts and placed on my windshield that say: "hello. -jake"
  • a boy named jackson. he is a small child stuck in a 6 foot 2 inch body and i feel the need to take care of him. but he makes me smile each and every day.
  • writing notes to my little sisters
  • writing notes to addy
  • reading a paper my sister wrote for school that said i was her hero
  • celebrating my mother's birthday
  • lotsa lotsa new music, including frank

and well, life in general had been continuously busy for the last few weeks. but so, so continuously rewarding.
do things you love, people.
make sure you did something to remember with your day.
that's been my goal this week.
i said to myself.
this week, i will not watch t.v. 
and instead, i will bond with friends. i will listen to good music. i will write letters. i will journal. i will think of worthwhile things to do.
and boy. oh boy.
i am not deliriously happy, but i feel fulfilled.
i have been busy. but busy with lovely, lovely things.
& somehow i still got my homework done.

love, hannah.

also i felt like sharing this photo of me, the mother figure, and jackson, the five year old son figure. no, we are not in love, but we are, in fact, two very attractive, well dressed people, and we have agreed to wed sometime in the future. and i love to use a thousand commas in one sentence. and also hyperbolies.  okay... talk to you later...
oh and he's a winner cause he dressed up as james dean for halloween.
really. that's all. bye!


  1. hi. i am miss mandi.
    and i don't exactly mean to creep.
    but. is that parker farnsworth?
    if so. i absolutely love him.

  2. how do you know parker farnsworth?!
    he is my best friend.

  3. we worked together. over the summer.
    what a small world.
    amazing how things like this happen.
    Jesus is cool.

  4. today he showed me texts you sent him about this very ordeal...
    and we decided that we should all hang out. on friday.

  5. this sounds. so entirely great.
    i am a bit embarrassed. but. i believe we would make a great crew.

  6. this is quite an event. blogosphere meets real....opshere.
    we can make him listen to sting and like it.


you look really good today!