Sunday, November 21, 2010

a sunday smile eight: the cure.

this week was a hard one. i had to stay after school on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for yearbook deadline (i'm an editor). wednesday, we were there until 8:30. it was draining. i got home on thursday night, and i felt like a ghost. all i had eaten for three days straight was granola bars and organic bunny-shaped treats. i curled up in a ball in my bed and a few tears actually shed from my eyes (that happens very rarely). i was entirely amazed that i survived until today. but here's some of my ways to survive a horrible day/week and set yourself up for an amazing day the next:
1. allow yourself to be grumpy.
but only for five minutes. rage, if you must. let people know you're annoyed. rant your issues. there is no benefit in pretending to be happy. but, after your five, indulgent minutes are up,
2. go do something nice.
in my case, i got up and left the yearbook room and roamed the hallways for ten minutes, saying hello to strangers and putting sticky notes on mirrors. it gave me some breathing time, which helped.
3. listen to good music.
first, listen to something that will calm you down. in my case, iron & wine. next, listen to something that makes you happy. in my case, home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes and five year's time by noah and the whale (it's normal that jackson and i have home completely memorized and we say the speaking parts to each other). next, revive good memories with some quality pop from the early 2000's. in my case, the lizzie mcguire movie soundtrack. pure brilliance, i tell you. (when i see you smiling, i go oh oh oh). finally, it must be dance party time. feel free to choreograph your own dance to miley cyrus' i can't be tamed. me and shelbie did.
4. but don't underestimate silence.
when you're in your car driving home, turn off the noise. be comfortable in your own company. ponder. if you are religious, say a prayer out loud.
5. take a nice warm shower.
it is helpful, i'm just telling you.
6. go have a chat with a friend who understands.
about whatever you need. there's a friend for every problem, i think. for me, chatting with laura took a huge weight off my shoulders. i tend to project my frustration on things that don't really matter (love triangles that have nothing to do with me) instead of what's really bothering me. laura and i have gone through nearly exactly the same challenges, which allows us to understand each other. find a friend like that, and you will feel better.
7. say a thank you prayer.
if you're not religious, then just think of things you're thankful for. i was thankful for a warm bed, a healthy body, smiles that communicate without words, conference talks and the temple.
8. listen.
i had a seminary teacher once tell me that the minor challenges and hard days in life are just God's quizzes. He wants to see how we'll react, but He also needs to test us to prepare us for whatever is coming next. i think it's important to find the lesson and what you need to do to overcome your funk.
9. go to sleep.
but before you close your eyes, tell yourself that tomorrow will be a fantastic day.
10. when you wake up, have hope.
believe in karma. if you did everything you could before this moment, something good will come to you. i didn't have time to study for my french exam this week because of yearbook things, so when i took the exam on friday morning, i didn't do as well as i could have. but then, three cheers for renaissance bingo! since i was on honor roll, i got to go to 'bingo', where if you win, you get to pick a prize from one of your teachers. yeah, guess who won? me. and guess what i won? ten extra credit points on a french exam. let's just acknowledge the fact that the man upstairs has been keeping a good eye on me lately.

things will be okay. promise.
half of this week was a mess for me. but this weekend has been brilliant.
i hope that if things have been a little harder lately, you are able to find a way out of it so that you can feel happier.

i have one more message for you.
my home teacher happens to be a member of the seventy, so he spends time with apostles and leaders of our church on a regular basis. today he said that one of the biggest things each of them have told him lately (this includes president monson) is that
things will get better.

ah, what blessed words.
things will get better.

love, han.


  1. oh peaches! don't fret, yearbook is so worth it! our record from last year was midnight, then we all had to scrape our windows because they had frozen and the police came and told us that if we weren't gone from the parking lot in five minutes, he give us all tickets. he then followed me home. i miss it more than anything.

  2. oh hannah, this was beautiful. i'm actually shedding a few tears right now. but that's normal for me haha. You're so great. Thank you for always making my day better.


you look really good today!